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Exactly what will campers work on at camp?

Go to the camp page and click on the "Camp Curriculum" tab for detail on what is taught in camp.


What caliber of coaches does the coaching staff consist of?

We go to great effort to bring together the highest quality coaching staff.  ALL of our coaches have playing or coaching experience at the college, pro or national team level. 


How often are the pro players at camp?

The pros headlining our camps do not make token appearances.  Our headline pro will be in camp the entire time. 


What are the age groups at camp?

Age groups are based on the grade the camper will enter the following school year.

4th grade and under 

5th-6th graders

7th-8th graders

9th-12th graders


Some age groups may be combined depending on enrollment size at each level. 


What is the camp schedule?

Go to the camp page and click on the "Schedule" tab for a more detailed 3 day schedule.


Do players bring their own lunch?

No. Lunch will be provided by local restaurants at no additional cost.


Do players need to bring their own equipment?

Yes. Players must supply their own equipment. 

Boys camps- stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth piece and cleats.

Girls camps- stick, goggles, mouth piece and cleats


Do campers receive anything free for attending the camp?

Yes. Campers receive a dry fit camp T-shirt, reversible practice jersey and autographed photo. Campers also have the chance to win prizes in daily contests and tournaments. 


How are medical issues or injuries handled at the camp?

An athletic trainer will be on staff at all times to treat any injury that may occur. The athletic training staff can also store any medication and assist the campers with their medication schedule.


Can parents watch practices during the camp?

Yes. Our practices are open for parents to watch.

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