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All of our 2021 camps were run safely and successfully as scheduled. No COVID-19 cases at our camps.  We are confident our 2022 camps will be conducted as scheduled in a safe environment – based on everything we have learned in recent months and on the safety protocols to be put in place.  Large lacrosse tournaments have been played around the United States since late July 2020. Teams nationwide have resumed practices during the fall of 2020. The virus does not spread well outdoors, allowing carefully planned outdoor activities and sports to be conducted in a low-risk environment.  In addition, while a national consensus has emerged that indoor activities may be more risky than originally thought – through the airborne spread of aerosol particles – medical experts now view surface-to-person transmission (picking up a lacrosse ball for example) to be far less of a risk than what was assumed at the onset of the pandemic.


We will always stay flexible and adapt our protocols to current local, state and federal recommendations as less or more safety measures are appropriate. 

The following COVID-19 protocols will be in place to ensure we hold our 2022 camps in a safe environment. 

  • Pro Lacrosse Camps will follow federal, state and local guidelines and our national governing body, US Lacrosse, “Return-To-Play Recommendations for Lacrosse”.

  • Mask wearing and social distancing requirements will fall in line with what state and local guidelines are in place in June of 2022.  

  • Additional athletic trainer on staff to assist with COVID-19 protocols. 

  • Parents will be required to turn in a signed promise pledge at registration stating their child has not been exposed to COVID-19 and is not currently exhibiting any symptoms.

  • Athletic trainer will conduct temperature checks at field entrance for all campers and staff. Any participant with a body temperature above 100.4 will be sent home. This is the temperature the medical community generally defines as a fever. 

  • Best practices will be in place to minimize the risk of exposure by keeping age groups separated during camp. In addition equipment bags and water breaks will remain separated by age groups.  

  • Only the athletic trainers will be allowed to touch the camp’s water coolers.  Campers will need to bring enough water to last all day. We recommend an insulated water bottle filled with ice and a small cooler with 6 additional plastic water bottles on ice. Athletic trainers will be available to assist campers with refills in the event they need additional water. 

  • Age groups will walk to lunch separate from other groups. Age groups will be seated together. 

  • We will switch from pizza to individual wrapped Subway subs for the 2nd day of camp. Days 1 and 3 were already scheduled for Subway (3 sub options available each day). 

  • 20 oz Gatorade bottles and 16 oz water bottle hand out at lunch will be distributed on tables without campers reaching into a cooler. 

  • Film sessions will be eliminated in order to eliminate time spent in classrooms. 

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