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Camp Staff



Kristen Kjellman

Position: Midfield                                              

Hometown: Westwood, MA    

National Team: Team USA (2006-2009)   
College Team: Northwestern University (2004-2007)

Team USA Midfielder (2006-2009) 

* World Champion (2009)

* All-World Team (2009)

Northwestern University (2004-2007)
* 2-time Tewaaraton Award Winner (NCAA Player of the Year) - 2006, 2007  
* 3-time 1st Team All-American (2005-2007)
* 3-time American Lacrosse Conference Player of the Year (2005-2007)

* 3-time NCAA Champion (2005-2007)

  • ALL coaches have college or pro playing or coaching experience.

  • We staff our camp with enough coaches to divide the camp by the advertised age groups. 

  • We hire the appropriate number of offensive and defensive coaches to divide our age groups by position. 

  • Coaches are assigned to stations, not age groups, to ensure each camper receives instruction from all of our talented coaches. 

  • The concentration is on instruction rather than watching/officiating scrimmages: At multiple stations per hour, we teach fundamentals and mechanics and provide drills for campers to take away from camp to perfect these skills on their own.

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